In-Home Training or Training in the “Real World”:

We offer in home training & behavior consultations for non-aggression related behavior issues for the following:

Basic Manners for your puppy or new dog in the home
Separation Anxiety
Fearful behavior
On-leash dog reactivity
Out of control or unmanageable behavior
Predatory Issues
Recall Work
…and more

  • Our initial consultations are 90 minutes and cost $95.00.
  • Hourly fee is $70.00
  • 4 hours for $260.00 ($65/hour)
  • 6 hours for $360 ($60/hour)

We provide a behavior packet that includes a clicker training manual, as well as handouts that pertain specifically to your dog’s behavior issue. If you would like to schedule a consultation to address a behavior problem you are having, please call Jenn at 413.537.1211 to schedule an appointment.

Phone Consultations:

Sometimes mild behavioral issues can be worked out over the phone. We offer phone consultations for the following:

Puppy Advice
Housetraining, mouthiness and crate-training
Dog to dog introductions
Arrival of a new baby
Jumping on visitors
…and more

Phone Consultations are pro-rated at $40 an hour. Please call Jenn Schreiner at 413 537 1211 to schedule an appointment.

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